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Commercial License/POD License Information

**If you're printing the design and pressing it on a shirt for yourself or selling the shirt, then you do not need the Extended License. You still must abide by the SMALL commercial license of under selling 100 items of the design, I offer this on all of my designs. (example: shirts, mugs, bags, etc.)

**If you are printing transfer sheets and selling the transfers to customers to press on items themselves, then you'll need to purchase this Extended Transfer License listing.

** If you are selling Embroidery files you are only allowed to sell the embroidery files (not including the svg, JPG, PNG, PDF etc)

** There are two options you can choose from when purchasing this POD License. Here are examples of the different licenses you can purchase.

  1. Single Design covers 1 design - $20.00
  2. All Designs covers ALL designs that are listed now and future designs that I list -$100.00

The active license period is one year starting on the date of purchase.

**Designs Sold Separately.**

Please send the link to the site you are selling on after purchase

--------------------------EXTENDED LICENSE INFORMATION----------------------

*You're allowed to print the design an UNLIMITED amount of times and may sell as many POD items as you'd like

* 1 License PER design ( If you purchase a bundle YOU WILL still need a license for EACH ONE of the designs. The ALL design Extended license might be a better option in this case.)

*NO sharing, selling or trading the design! You CAN sell the transfer paper but NOT the design itself.

*Please include the design your purchasing after you've purchased the SINGLE extended license. You can add this in the note to seller or send me a message.

*Selling POD and transfers WITHOUT the purchase of an extended license is against my terms of use

Once you've purchased the extended license, you can sell POD items of the design. I will keep a record of your license along with a license number. If you would like your license number please send me a message and I would be more than happy to provide it.

If you have any questions please send me a message, I'd be more than happy to help.
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